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From Sarah, son born May 2009:

“Leslee was a great doula… Leslee helped keep me focused on the task at hand. She helped me find comfortable labor positions and had many words of praise. I felt very comfortable with her. She timed my contractions, helped me in the shower and massaged my back. She has very gentle and loving eyes which I found to be comforting… Leslee was there the entire time. From start to finish. Her dedication was unwavering even after I was transferred to the hospital. She was with me for over 36 hours and not once made it feel like an imposition. After my son was born, she checked in with me several times. She is a very supportive and informative doula. I am very happy she was with me and my family during such a special time in our lives.”

From Jennifer, daughter born August 2005:

“Leslee was a wonderful doula. I appreciated her calmness and attentiveness during the birth of my daughter. She was such a great help to me and my husband and I am very thankful that she was there.”