Packing Your Hospital Bags

Hospital Birth TallahasseeA big question people who are planning a hospital birth often have is What do I pack for the hospital?

I recommend packing two bags – one with everything you need for labor and for a few hours after your new baby is born, and then a second one with everything you will need during your hospital stay.

For your labor bag, I recommend packing:
  1. A change of clothes for and your partner, including extra socks (If you’re interested in wearing your own clothes, may I recommend a nursing tank and jersey skirt?)
  2. A bathrobe
  3. Slippers and/or flip flops
  4. Ponytail holders and/or bobby pins
  5. Massage tools and lightly or non-scented lotion
  6. Lollipops (great for when you want a new taste in your mouth but aren’t up for eating)
  7. Snacks (nuts, fruit, and Clif bars are my favorites)
  8. Water (preferably a reusable water bottle as you will need to drink 4-5 ounces per hour during labor)
  9. Toothpaste and toothbrush
  10. Pillows (I love a bed full of pillows — I brought five!)
  11. Music player
  12. Camera and charger
  13. Baby book for footprints (they typically do the footprints before they move you to the third floor)

For your hospital-stay bag:

  1. Comfortable clothes for you and your partner
  2. Clothes for the baby to come home in (they’ll have all the clothes and diapers he’ll need for during your stay)
  3. Bath stuff
  4. Carseat (leave in car until you’re ready to be discharged)

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