Postpartum Weight – Adjusting Expectations

Getting back in shape, especially as my daughter has weaned most of her feedings in the last year, has been difficult.

I experienced the most common stereotype about postpartum bodies: I lost all my pregnancy weight pretty quickly. Due to some serious health issues during pregnancy, I’d gained only 18 pounds. So, purely out of curiosity, I stepped on the scale soon after my daughter was born and had lost most of the weight. A seven pounder, plus all the extras of pregnancy – placenta and the like, plus overactive supply, made the journey towards zero a quick one.

Before you start cursing my name, vowing to never talk to me ever again, please read this: I lost it all only to GAIN IT ALL BACK as she dropped feedings since her third birthday.

For the last year or so, my body has filled out, especially in the middle, and I have struggled with getting back into healthy eating habits. When you’re starving all the time and feeding a ravenous string bean around the clock, you eat whatever is available. And so a large pile of warm (or not) macaroni and cheese it is. And that’s what I got used to, unfortunately.

Although my body shape isn’t tooooo far off from before (more cushioning around the middle), I weigh as much (or more) than I did when I gave birth, and my sense of balance is back to ground zero. After floundering for a while, lacking motivation and hours in the day, I’ve found something that is helping me slim down and gain strength: TRX taught by a mama friend who had a few years back found herself in a similar situation as I am now. And it’s working. I think. I have lost about 5 pounds in the last several months doing one TRX session a week and working to eat better, more like I did before motherhood came along and threw me for a loop.

My exercise goals for the future include completing the Couch to 5K program and continuing TRX. My overall health goal is to get my eating back to where it needs to be, and I’m planning to start this with the help of Once a Month Meals. But more on that in a later post once I’ve started using it. (Trying this out for accountability purposes 😉 )

All that to say adjust expectations has been key for me as I have started this process. Juggling motherhood and the day-to-day and everything that has to fit into 24 hours a day isn’t easy. Plus, our postpartum bodies are different, plain and simple, from what they were pre-pregnancy, and we deserve to give ourselves patience as we figure it all out.

I was inspired to share a little bit of my personal journey with postpartum weight after reading this article on Postpartum and Exercise on

Enough about me. What have your postpartum exercise routine and clean eating habits looked like?

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