Postpartum Services

Support during the first weeks. Postpartum Support Tallahassee

You’re a new parent.

This might be your first baby, or your fourth, but you don’t need to do it all, or go it alone.

So what can a postpartum doula do for you? If you need help with breastfeeding, getting into a good routine, the sink full of dishes, and being able shower or nap without worrying that the baby might wake up in the middle of it all, a postpartum doula can help. Whether it’s a couple afternoons or a once-weekly visit for a month, a postpartum doula can help you find your footing in new motherhood with non-judgemental support. You’ll have time to rest and recuperate while having time to bond with you baby without the weight of the world on your shoulders. You deserve it!


So, how can I help YOU?


BONDING! You and your partner can learn more about fun ways to wile the day away with your sweet bundle

BREASTFEEDING! Have the best of both worlds – have things checked off your to-do list AND ask questions of a certified breastfeeding counselor all in the same visit

RECUPERATION! Grab a nap or take a shower while knowing baby is well cared for! Learn some tricks of self-care while you’re recovering from birth

PROCESSING! Talk to an experienced birth doula about your labor and birth experience

EDUCATION! Learn about milestones you can anticipate for the newborn stage and beyond.

NUTRITION! Make a postpartum plan for nutrition to support you and your family during the first few weeks – including meal planning ideas

BABYWEARING! Do you have a baby carrier and cannot figure the thing out? Or want to try another carrier? Let me know beforehand and I’ll bring one with me

HOUSEWORK! I’m happy to help around the house. What areas would you like me to focus on? Laundry, dishes, sweeping/vacuuming, you name it


Postpartum Doula Support Packages

INTRODUCTORY PACKAGE : :  $90  : : One visit, 3 hours

PACKAGE  : : $600  : : 20 hours of support, minimum of 3 hours per visit

EXTENDED PACKAGE  : : $1400  : : 50 hours of support, minimum of 3 hours per visit

PREMIUM PACKAGE  : : $2500  : : 100 hours of support, minimum of 3 hours per visit

Bold Birth offers Postpartum Doula services Monday through Friday, between the hours of 9am and 2pm. Exceptions can be requested.

To book postpartum support, please email me at

If a package doesn’t suit your needs, we can create one for you!