Tallahassee Newborn Photography

If you’re not sure about the importance of newborn photography, think about how tired new parents REALLY are. Trust me, they’re TIRED. You will be tired, the most tired you’ve ever been in your entire life. Plus you’re tired and still HAVING to function, I mean your baby is cute but she doesn’t feed herself. 😉 You might think you will remember every detail about your sweet baby’s face, and you just might, but what if you forget about how your little one’s hair like sticking up in the back, or how wrinkly his little hands are. Plus, what’s not to love about having a beautiful photograph of your precious baby hanging on your wall?

Tallahassee newborn photography

And guess what! You’re in luck! There are several professional photographers who take newborn and first year photos in Tallahassee. Take a look through the following links to look over the various beautiful portfolios and pick the one that fits your wishlist. There are true artists in this town, let them help create beautiful mementos for your family.

I know you’re probably reaching for your piggy bank to see what’s left after all the other things you’re getting while preparing for your baby to arrive (such as hiring a doula!). If you’re concerned about the cost, think of it as an investment and your future self is thankful you’re considering newborn photography. One thing you’ll want to ask when you call around to find the right photographer for you is if they have insurance. You can see photos of my newborn on various pages of Bold Birth.


Tallahassee newborn photography:

Bellflower Photography

Beth Johnson Photography

Catalytic Camera

Christy Baldwin Photography

Elizabeth Davis Photography

Jessica Diane Photography

Kira Derryberry Photography

Long’s Photography


If you know of a newborn photographer who is not on this list, please email their information to Leslee@BoldBirth.org. I’d be happy to connect with them to see if they would like to be included on my newborn photographer resource list.

Please visit my resource lists on Tallahassee Birth Photographers and Tallahassee Maternity Photographers.

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